Monday, March 31, 2008


She realized the chives were sprouting, growing through the snow and the night, in the dark.

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ed said...

he stopped at a grocery store that stood two blocks down from the kfc.

he bought three jars of honey & a rubbermaid cereal bowl.

in line at the kfc drive through, he emptied the honey jars into the bowl.

then he ordered six biscuits.

a voice asked, "would you like to
try the colonel's new chicken wrap grill sandwich?"

"no, but i would like a plastic fork."

as he drove off, he impaled a biscuit & dipped it in the honey bowl then shoved it in his mouth.

a fly flew into the car & stuck to the honey that dripped down his chin.

he turned off the radio to better hear the pest's intoxicating buzz.