Saturday, March 22, 2008


His fingers traced the tender dividing line down the center of his chest.


ed said...

on the other hand
he thought,

how could anyone have

an individual's pride
with their

professional medical

to an obsession with
organ consumption?

the old cliche was true,
hindsight was 20 /20,

but this didn't make
him feel any less an ass.

ed said...

sam stopped at the seven eleven
on his way home.

when he got back to his blazer, he
turned the bag upside down.

a hill of twinkies, ding dongs,
hostess cup cakes, snickers bars,
sweetarts, m & m's, sour cream and onion potato chips, sour apple chews, boston baked beans, lemonheads, and three glazed krispy
kreme donuts rose on passenger's seat.

he tipped a bottle of milwaukee's
best & congratulated himself for having left lana's without bruising
her feelings too badly.

washing down some m&m's with a draw from the bottle, he wondered
how people came to eat the things they ate. like everything else, he
marked it off to nature & nurture.