Friday, March 21, 2008


After adding a log to the fire, his hand smells like a cup of lapsang souchong.


ed said...

she dropped the tripe into the boiling stock and said, "the next time i invite you over for dinner, don't wear that cheap dollar store shaving lotion or dinner is all i'm going to give you to eat."

ed said...

lana explained that the occiptal & parietal lobes were
similar in flavor & that the medulla oblongata was best when
it was simmered for soup stock.

she told him that the frontal lobe was gamey. when she tried to kiss him, sam pulled away.

"what's wrong? don't you find me attractive?"

"it's not that."

"what is it then? i'm willing to put up with your dollar store stench."

"you're beautiful lana. but, the dinner you served...well...i threw
up in your flower bed. i'd
like my mouth to be a little fresher for uh...our first kiss."

"the dinner i served? do you have any idea how much i had to pay for all of this offal and how much work i put into this?

she turned the heat down to a simmer beneath the tripe pot.

"i suppose you were offended by
morimoto's grilled tuna eyes. how
can you work as a surgical nurse
& not like organ meats? i don't get it. i thought you were a man."