Wednesday, March 19, 2008


He tried to hear his heart beating.


ed said...

the heart was roasted & served with a juniper infused bernaise sauce.

ed said...

irony sat on a bone white platter,
adrenelin glands swimming in a
molasses cream sauce.

ed said...

when she presented a plate of pituitary glands & told him they were especially good with a sprinkle of sea salt & a grind
of cracked black pepper, he
detected another wave of nausea
rising from the depths of his
illium to the base of his throat.

ed said...

as she brought dish after dish to the table, a dvd of her favorite iron chef episode was playing on a flat screen tv that was mounted in front of and above the dining room table.

morimoto impaled the eyeballs of a yellow fin tuna on wooden skewers & grilled them on a small hibachi.

in perfectly dubbed english, yukio
hattori said, "grilled tuna eyes are considered to be a great delicacy. i think morimoto will
serve these with a fairly spicy
ponzu sauce."