Thursday, March 06, 2008


A single drop of urine, golden and spherical, rested in the pubic hair on his scrotum.


ed said...

the mourners were shocked
when the minister said,
"i could comfort everyone
by saying the dearly departed
has entered into heaven, but
that would be a lie. the deceased
was depraved, and that is the
god's truth."

ed said...

he took a swallow from a hip flask & went on.

"the facts are simply that no one has ever returned to tell us what happens.

if a preacher or a scientist tries to tell you they know what lies beyond this life, they're positing
somethingthatfalls between theory
& fantasy.

had the dearly departed lived his life with nary a hair out of place,
i would still be foisting upon you a greivous lie if i were to say that he has entered into a state of eternal bliss.

is there one amongst us who would stand & defend the agenda this man
executed toward others while he walked in our midst?

is there anyone here who believes that God would smile upon a man who's career involved the death's of those customers who purchased the nefarious products he peddled?"