Sunday, January 20, 2008


He chanted a wandering meaningless song as he typed to serve as his only entertainment.

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ed said...

when the jimini woke, he noticed that there was no light seeping under the cedar molding.

he took two steps and ran into what he assumed was a wall.

suddenly, a door opened. a large, fleshy hand reached in and removed
a ceramic cannister.

as he scurried for cover, jimini could see the letters S U G A R in
the light that illuminated every square inch of the cupboard.

as well as wondering how he had arrived here, he became aware of
a tremendous craving that seemed to have been triggered by seeing the word sugar. never in his life had he craved human food.

he felt that during the course of
the night he had become something other than a cricket.

as he set out to find a mirror, he was surprised with the ease in which he was able to slip through
the smallest of spaces.