Friday, October 13, 2006


The day was simple enough: he walked north to a subway stop, finding the wrong subway line, which he took to another stop to change to another line, which was running slowly "because of an incident earlier this morning," so he changed to a third line, which didn't actually go where he was going, a fact he didn't note until he was far beyond that destination, so he exited the subway car to determine how to backtrack to his destination, only to discover that there was no way to do so without leaving the island he was then on, so he went to a stop as close to the stop that was his goal and walked with a colleague to the right station, where they took a train on the next leg of their trip, but they were talking and missed their stop, so they decided to switch over to the track going in the other direction, but no trains were running in that direction, so they called the person they were visiting, who said he would be them up, but after 45 minutes they were still standing on that corner, so they called again and the man said he had driven around that block twice without finding them but that he would try again, and that time he found them and drove them to their meeting.

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